Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Dungeon Village

With my recent conversion from an iPhone to the Samsung Galaxy S3 (which is great by the way) I've come across a few great games in my short time with the phone. Dungeon Village is one of those great games. Dungeon Village is City Sim/RPG available on both Android and iPhone. The object of the game is to build a village in which characters of the world can live in while exploring dungeons, collecting items, battling monsters all while helping your village grow. This highly addictive game is well worth the $5 price tag and once you start playing you'll find it almost impossible to put it down. I apologize in advance for your new lack of productivity.

For those of you who ever risked downloading some of the WiiWare titles on the Nintendo Wii, you may have come across one of the better games on there My Life As King. This is essentially the same game, but a lot more fun and involved.

At the start, you're a small village with a single adventurer eager to start exploring the realm around your village. You start by buildings things like inns, weapon and armor shops and other standard RPG structures which will allow your adventure to rest, buy their own weapons and armor and go out into the field and gain experience. As you build more, your village becomes more popular and more adventurers begin to arrive. Each adventurer that arrives has a potential to bring a new job, that once they master by gaining experience in the field, unlocks the class for other adventurers to train under. Once you have enough adventures, you can send them out on quests. These quests typically consist of your adventures exploring a dungeon to retrieve treasure, defeat an aggressive group of monsters or defeat a boss that is terrorizing your village.

Money is earned when your adventures defeat monsters and through profits made by facilities in your village. There are a ton of facilities you can add to your village. Anything from BBQ joints to training facilities for your adventurers. Your positioning of your buildings and their surroundings all play into how well each of your businesses perform. For example, putting a weapon shop next to an armor shop typically leads to more sales as adventures can easily get to both locations to suit up to hit the field. You can also put down cosmetic items like trees and flowers to up the quality of buildings around them and increase the desire for your adventurers to go to those facility. Your facilities will also gain levels which will increase the amount of profits pulled in by purchases made by adventurers.

Adventurers have their own set of typical RPG stats (strength, spirit, dexterity, etc...) which can be increased by leveling, holding village events, visiting certain facilities within your village  and rewarding them for their hard work with gifts in the form of medals and equipment. When an adventurer reaches level 10, they master their current class which gives you the option to change their class. Classes range from very basic such as carpenter all the way up to classes like knights, ninjas and even weird classes like clowns and chefs. As adventurers become more accustom to being in your village, they'll ask you to build them a house so they can live in your village permanently. Once they move in, you're able to collect a tax on them based off of what they kill outside of your village.

The game also offers a kind of crafting system that allows you to "sacrifice" items to discover new items. The more items you throw into the pot (it's littlerally a pot) the more elemental points you'll get and the more recipes you'll discover. You can then use the elemental points earned to craft the items to which you have the recipes for. It's a very simple system, but is a nice addition to a game that is already good enough without it.

The game has no real ending. Once your village has progressed through 15 game years, your village assistant comes out, gives you points based on how far you've progressed in the game and gives you a score. This high score will stay on your game and you're allowed to continue playing without further increasing it. I'm personally on my 18th year, I scored a little over 100,000 points, but I still plan on playing for quite some time. I've grown to attached to many of my randomly named adventurers such as Seffy Roth and Book Shields to start over now!

Overall, this is a great game to play to pass the time. It's a very deep game without being to serious and it's easy to play for a few minutes and put back down. You can't beat the $5 price tag and for the time you'll find yourself putting into this game, it's well worth it. I hope you take the time to pick this game up for either your iPhone or Android phone and as always thanks for reading!

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