About Us

Yep, that's us all right. Feel free to follow us on our official Twitter.

Name: Jim
Favorite Genres: Fighting, RPG, FPS, MMO, Music

Starting playing games at the age of four of five on the Commodore 64 and haven't stopped since. Competitive games and games with experience points will always drag me away from my responsibilities. An utterly ridiculous taste in music still lets me enjoy a variety of rhythmic and synesthesic type experiences. Feel free to drop me a line anytime.

Name: Brian
Favorite Genres: RPG, RTS, MMO, FPS

Mom got re-married to a nerd, had a computer in my room at the age of 5.  I've spent years playing PC games and only started playing console games at the end of the last generation.  I enjoy RTS's and MMO's the most.


Name: Jason
Favorite Genres: Fighting, MMO, FPS, RPG

I have been playing games since the late 80s. I started with consoles and have been on the platform ever since. I got into PC gaming in the early 2000s and have been poor ever since. I will play just about anything with a multiplayer component and if it doesn't have one, we can add it.

Name: Opie
Favorite Genres:  RPG, Strategy, Sim, Historical Sims

I enjoy playing games that make you want to punch the nearest person/object.