Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Five Things You Should Know as a PAX East Virgin

This Friday, thousands will descend upon Boston in hopes of playing games, meeting people and getting free stuff. Here's the bare minimum of what you need to know if you've not been before.

There will be lines. Deal with it. I suggest bringing a 3DS or PSP or perhaps *gasp* talking to people. You're about to spend 20 minutes to 3 hours together, might as well converse with the people around you. Yes, I said THREE hours.

Wash your hands. PAX Flu is a real thing. Don't be dirty. 

Be friendly. You're in your own natural environment here. There's a variety of nerds of different types all with their own interests and passions. Try to keep your judgement while you people-watch to yourself. Not everyone's cos-play outfit is the most stunning thing you've ever seen.

The free swag isn't worth it. Seriously. Most of it's PR marketing materials. Relax and enjoy yourself instead of stressing over trying to get free stuff. Unless it's a PAX Exclusive League of Legends skin. Then tear out people's hair to make sure you get one.

Check out the Indie section. Instead of waiting in horribly long lines for big  name developers only to get 5 minutes trying a demo you'll probably see on Xbox Live pretty soon, check out the guys that rely on your word of mouth to feed their families. They'll talk to you about their game, let you spend longer at the station and the lines are far shorter.

So there you have it. Play nice. Have fun and see you at the show!


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