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Phantasy Star Online 2: Quick Reference Guide

I present to you a guide for Phantasy Star Online 2 which will cover several of the most common translations you'll find yourself needing in game.  If you're looking for a guide on downloading, installing and getting logged into PSO2, please see my Phantasy Star Online 2: A Quick Start Guide.  This guide is intended to give you an "at a glance" translation for things such as quest menus, player menus and statistics.  This is not intended to be a guide on how to play the game.  There are several items that will be mentioned here that will not be explained in it's entirety simply because it's beyond basic gameplay.  I hope this helps!

 If you're looking for more detailed information on anything you see, I highly recommend you visit the Phantasy Star Online 2 Fan Blog over at . The guides on that site are amazing, but there is so much information there, it's hard to know where to start. I'm here to pull the basic needed information from that blog, combine that with my own experience and hopefully give you something a little more approachable.

The first thing you're probably going to see when you get into the game is your Player Menu.  You can access this by hitting ESC.  It looks likes this...

Player Menu

The icons do a pretty good job of explaining what each category is, but there are some options there that are not exactly clear, each icon and sub-menu of each icon is translated from top to bottom...

Icon Pack
Event Items


Equip Weapons
Equip Armor (units)
Setup Hotbar (sub-palette)


Friends List
Team Command
Party Command
Nearby Characters

My Data

Character Info
Title List
Quick Menu
Communication History
Arks Card

Quest Info

Matter Board
Client Order
Quest Info


Symbol Art
Chat Settings
Log Window
Online Help

AC Menu

AC Shop
Draw Scratch Card
Purchase History
Rental Expiration Date


Quit Game

The only menus you'll really be using in the beginning are your Equipment menus and Item menus and once you're in them, they're pretty self explanatory.

Player Statistics

Your character info page looks like this...

Lets take a look as some of the stats...

Hit Points
Power Points
Striking Power (Melee)
Ranged Power
Tech Power (Magic)
Striking Defense (Melee)
Ranged Defense
Tech Defense (Magic)

Per - Ability is a damage stat.  If your ability stat is high, you'll do more damage.

Starting Missions

To get started on your first mission, you'll first need to locate the mission counter, it looks like this...

Once there, you'll speak with the "mission giver", she is on  the left side of the counter...

Once you speak with her using the E button on your keyboard (or the equivalent gamepad button), you'll be shown a few options which read as follows...

Choose From a List of Missions
Join a Party Already in a Mission
Leave the Mission Counter

For this, we'll select the Choose From a List of Missions and you'll be presented with...a list of possible mission types...

As you unlock more missions, more mission types will be listed, but if this is your first mission, you'll select the only option available (Arks Missions) and then you'll be brought to a page with more information regarding the selected mission...

The items in this window are explained in great detail over at so for now, click on the only option available to you at the top left and you'll see another window with the following options...


You'll only be able to select the Easy option for now then you'll be able to select from the following options....

Start Mission Immediately
Join Party in a Mission
View quest Record

Then you will be presented with the last screen before your quest is initiated...

They only thing required here is labeling your Mission which is the top field.  Provide anything in that field and click OK.  This will start the mission.

Once the mission has finished loading, you'll just need to exit to the mission room through the passage way to the left (or right if you went to the left mission counter) of the mission counter.  It looks like this...

Once you walk through the mission passageway, you'll end up on a ship, just walk forward and fall into the pool right in front of you and the mission will start!

I hope this reference guide has helped and if you're looking for more information, please visit the PSO2 fan blog at

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