Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Streamer to Watch: GuardsmanBob

We at The Gaming Nook have gotten back into League of Legeneds recently after a long break mostly due to the release of Diablo 3.  Now that the dust has settled, we've all jumped back in with both feet.  This includes watching some of our favorite streamers.  In this post, I'd like to highlight one of our favorite streamers, GuardsmanBob.  It's rare to find a streamer that can keep his viewers informed while at the same time, keeping a cool head while playing and Bob does both of these things very well.  If you're not already watching him, you should be and here is why.

So here is my breakdown for GuardsmanBob...

Genre/Game(s):  League of Legends
Play Style:  Casual Competitive
Typical Stream Time: ~12:00 PM EST - ~10:00 PM EST, everyday

Video Quality (7/10):  High quality stream. The game streams well, can be a little blurry at times. Bob also has a stream of himself which is of the same quality.

Sound Quality (9/10):  Very clean sounding stream.   You can hear the music he plays, his mic and game sounds clearly at all times. 

Stream Layout (9/10):  As it should always be, the game takes up the whole screen. Bob has a stream of his self at the lower right corner of the stream just to the left of the mini-map which is great placement. I really appreciate this layout as a lot of players block the mini-map with their "self-stream" to prevent "ghosting" but Bob doesn't seem to mind. 

Streamer (10/10): Bob is just fun to watch.  He is a very skilled player, but does not take himself too seriously.  He is very informative and will usually discuss things such as why he did what he did in a particular skirmish, his builds and offer other strategic advise throughout the game.  The best part about Bob is that he doesn't freak out when he dies (I cannot say the same for myself).  He keeps his cool, explains what went wrong and moves on.  No screaming in your headset, no cussing, just moves on, it's actually very refreshing if you watch a lot of League of Legend streamers.  Bob also plays music while playing which is from an ever evolving playlist which can be found on his web site.  If you're into watching League of Legends streamers, you need to follow GuardsmanBob.

Additional Information:

GaurdsmanBob's Stream Page
Great GuardsmanBob FAQ
GuardsmanBob's Web Site
GuardsmanBob's YouTube Channel

I hope you've enjoyed reading a little bit about one of our favorite League Of Legends streamers and be sure to take the time to follow GuardmanBob on Own3d.tv

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