Friday, August 3, 2012

Tower Wars Preview

Tower Wars is an upcoming tower defense game from the folks at Super Villain Studios. Recently, The Gaming Nook got some hands on time with the beta. Tower Wars looks to stand out from the pack with skill trees, resource management, and impressive multiplayer. At the same time the game strives to retain everything we know and love about the tower defense genre. Read on through the break to see why Tower Wars breaks the mold.

Tower Wars employs a unique resource system that consists of gold, which is standard for most games in the genre, and a unique system called Battle Points. Battle points are generated through combat and then spent on unlocking more powerful minions to send at foes. Battle Points are also utilized to unlock new skills that help improve players gold ratio, minion health, speed, armor, and more.

As the player progresses through a multiplayer game they will also have mines in their territory that can be upgraded to provide more gold per second (level 1, 2, and 3) and be staffed with more miners (up to 6 per level) which further increases the profit of the mine. Upgrading the mine will cost pure gold while adding miners will cost battle points as well. Late game the player who spent the time upgrading these mines will have a large advantage. If players choose not to upgrade, they better push for an early win.

Standard aspects of a tower defense game exist as well in Tower Wars. Strategically placing towers to force the enemy to navigate your valleys of death, while trying to get your minions to take their towers, is an important strategic element required for victory. Towers have levels and can be upgraded to deliver more. The game is won when the enemy castle is destroyed. Unlike most games all is not lost when an enemy gets through; after all you do have a castle. The castle can be upgraded to increase its armor as well as its firepower. Once a player’s castle hits 0% the game is lost.

Tower Wars was my first experience with a competitive multiplayer tower defense game and it was intriguing. In its current state the game shows extreme promise; however, the single player experience is lacking. Folks who do not like multiplayer games should stay clear of this one. If you’re looking for a fresh experience with friends or random internet opponents then this game will be right up your alley. Look for Tower Wars soon and let’s hope it lives up to its potential.

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