Saturday, May 19, 2012

Diablo III: The Wizard. First Impressions.

Do you like flashy effects and seeing big numbers scroll across the screen? Well then, I have the Diablo III class for you! Diablo III's Wizard doesn't do much to further the class of magic wielders in RPGs but that does not mean the class is not fun to play.

The Wizard begins with 2 basic projectile spells which are nothing to write home about. As the game progresses the player can customize the class to go anywhere from glass cannon to CC machine. As we started our first play through I chose the former, mainly because it allowed me to use lasers! By level 5 I was able to freeze, stun, and slow single targets, as well as whole groups of mobs. Even in choosing the crowd control route I was still able to do a decent amount of damage.

The game does a great job of making you feel powerful even at the lower levels, at least in normal difficultly. Playing with Jim and Brian, we never had to worry about the gear we had on. If a weapon dropped that had more DPS then its was an automatic upgrade. (Side note: weapon DPS does matter for Wizards, your main hand is not just a stat stick.) Part of me hopes this trend won't continue, having to make tough choices about which upgrades I want for my character is part of the fun of playing an RPG.

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