Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Torchlight 2 Beta Impressions

Torchlight 2 is a known quantity. Do you like Diablo (1/2)? Did you like Torchlight 1? Do you like loot? If you answered yes to any of these questions I think you'll have a wonderful time in Torchlight 2.

LAN Play, Huzzah!

The comparisons to Diablo 3 are impossible to avoid given the time of this writing and the fact that I"m playing through Diablo 3. The art aesthetic difference between the two games is immediately apparent from the login screen. Torchlight 2 opts to, just as it's predecessor, go with a cartoonish violence that often made me chuckle. But just because the characters have over-exaggerated features and you aren't playing some Gothic-looking shadowy experience don't take Torchlight 2 for somehow more "casual" than Diablo. In fact, some might say it's more Diablo than Diablo 3.

Scrolls of identification and town portals remain in he world of Torchlight 2. Anecdotally, the loot seems more interesting and varied as well. I was equipping fun and interesting looking items shortly after the game's start. LAN and Solo Play make an appearance in Torchlight 2 as well which is more than I can say for Blizzard's 7 year in the making monolith. I was also pleasantly surprised that I can scroll my mouse wheel to zoom in and out from my character to my heart's content. Skill points for your various stats can be assigned upon every level up as well to provide further customization. The word is that mods will be supported which should give Torchlight 2 some longevity along with it's newly implemented coop.

Technically, Torchlight 2 seems more than adequate but I did some poking around the Beta files for kicks. It seems as though Runic is using Curl for their file downloader. This makes no discernible difference to the consumer but it's interesting only in that its not something you would see in a bigger budget title. I also couldn't find a screenshot directory which was rather unfortunate. In addition, I was a bit disappointed to not find a certain check-box that I used in Torchlight 1. Netbook mode was nowhere to be found. To be fair; however, we are talking about a Beta here. A conveniently timed Beta but a Beta nonetheless.

In the end, the clicking was satisfying, the loot was addicting and the depth was impressive. For most of my experience it seemed hard to discern why I paid $60 for Diablo and yet Torchlight 2 will only cost me $20. I am very much looking forward to the game's final release.

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