Thursday, May 31, 2012

Why you can be excited about E3 2012

E3 is just around the corner and judging from early leaks and scuttlebutt on the web you can expect some major announcements and first looks at new games from the big three as well as third parties. Here's a list of games and more that should be at the show in some form.

  • Gaikai and Sony Announcement/Presentation
    • All sources point to Sony purchasing Gaikai and one would assume using the technology in their new console and TVs. Streaming games as a mainstream method of consumption would have some really serious impacts as to how we consume the media.      

  • Halo 4
    • Microsoft will want to blow the doors off the exhibition hall and a new Halo game is just the thing to get their install base interested. Expect some gameplay.

  • Xbox 720/Durango/Next Xbox
    • With the next Xbox already in it's manufacturing stage it's conceivable that Microsoft will unveil the look of the console as well as potentially some trailers.

  • Wii U Details & Games
    • The initial reaction to the Wii-U reveal was rather mixed so Nintendo will be looking to impress this year with inventive functionality of the tablet controller. Except some new first-party titles like a Mario game of some kind.  We will try our hardest not to make ambulance siren  noises during the press conference, we promise.

Something from Monolithsoft
    • Perhaps a new Xenoblade/Saga game for Wii-U?

  • Unreal Ungine 4
    • This will certainly be at the show but the question is will they be showing it on high end PC hardware or potentially one of the new consoles.

  • New Gears of War Game
    • A leaked Game Informer cover depicts someone in change. Perhaps we get to finally see why Marcus Phoenix was in jail to begin with?

  • Black Ops 2
    • Expect more Microsoft exclusivity agreements for this game.

  • Elder Scrolls Online
    • With the details laid bare on this title weeks ago I would expect this to be playable for press if not a full video demonstration unless they take the negative feedback to heart

  • Dishonored
    • If this game is at it appears, a cyberpunk assassin simulator, i'm totally on board. I want to see what this game looks like outside of prerendered CG cutscenes!

  • The Last of Us
    • Judging from some offhanded comments form press I would expect either recorded or live gameplay of Naught Dog's new game. 

  • Class 3
    • Described as an, "open-world zombie apocalypse simulation." for Xbox Live. You can check out some footage from Undead Labs here.

  • New game from Quantum Dream and David Cage.
    • David Cage has refused to do a Heavy Rain 2 and thus a new game should appear at E3, lkely during the Sony Press Conference. The much talked about Kara demo, pictured here, could give us a clue as to the content of the new project.

  • Agent
    • What is Rockstar North's new stealth action game? I'm looking forward to a reveal at some point. Hopefully, this one isn't restricted to closed door press showings.

  • Metal Gear Solid: Rising Revengeance
    • Best title ever or worst - I'm still unsure. What I am sure of is that I want to see if this game supports the Move controller and what else I can cut besides watermelons.

  • Grand Theft Auto V
    • The trailer for GTAV was impressive but gameplay is king. I'm interested to see what kind of improvements they've made to their tried and true open world formula.

  • Dead Space 3 
    • Gameplay potentially has Coop this time around if you believe some of the posted screenshots.

  • Final Fantasy XV
    • leaked trailer inicates this game will be shown in some capacity at the show. Here's hoping it's not like Final Fantasy XIII. I'm sick of hallways.

  • The Last Guardian
    • A suspiciously little amount of information has been released about this Ico-esque PS3 exclusive. Could be a major moment in the Sony press conference.

Well, did I miss anything? Any potential surprises you think will be at E3 that I'm not aware of? Let me know in the comments.

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